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Real Time Online ADHD Screening Tool

Developed by scientists and clinicians in the area of child and adult ADHD research, the ADHD Diagnosis tool is a Continuous Performance Task (CPT), supporting the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Used by countless ADHD professionals, including, clinicians, researchers, coaches, and so on, the test is used during the initial diagnosis, as well as during and after treatment to assess the efficiency of the treatment.

Here are some of its attractive features:

  • Clinically Tested
  • No Special equipment necessary
  • Real Time Results
  • Easy to understand report that can be handed to your patients
  • Comparative reports – Compare any two reports in your database
  • Accessible at your office or at the patient’s home
  • Flexible purchasing plans to match your requirements

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Additional Information

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What Professionals Say About Us

Ronit ViliguraIt is a professional preliminary assessment, that is made easy and user friendly since it’s over the internet. The results are immediate and come with an easy to understand report… Ronit Viligura, MCI, ADHD coach


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If you are an ADHD professional, we offer to discount the amount you pay while purchasing one single or dual test purchase, from your first order of a professional plan.

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