The ADHD Diagnosis Assessment Tool

The ADHD Diagnosis test consists of two components that together provide a detailed report of attention and impulsivity:

  1. A Continuous Performance Test (CPT), measuring sustained attention and impulsivity, two primary features of ADHD / ADD. Performance on various indices is compared to age-relevant norms. CPT tests are widely accepted as the gold standard of objective assessments of attention and impulsivity. The ADHD Diagnosis test takes approximately 20 minutes during which the tested person is requested to respond to some targets and refrain from responding to others.
  2. An ADHD / ADD symptoms inventory completed by the person being tested (or by parents if younger than 14 years of age). The inventory items are based on the accepted diagnostic criteria for ADHD described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders (DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association.



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