The ADHD Diagnosis Testing Procedures

Before Taking the Test

Please read the following important recommendations:

  • Rest well before taking the test
  • Don’t do test while you are stressed or tired
  • Take as much time needed between the sub-sections of the test, but not more than two minutes
  • Drink water before and during the intervals the test
  • Perform the test in a quite place without telephone or any other possible distrations
  • Turn off your cellphone
  • Relax. There is no right or wrong results

The Test

Test duration is approximately 20 minutes.

  1. First, an introductory screen will appear with simple instructions on how to perform the first part of the test – a continuous performance task (CPT).
  2. The CPT is comprised of repeatedly displayed geometric shapes (circles and triangles). The person tested has to press the keyboard’s space bar when a triangle shape appears and refrain from pressing when a circle appears.
  3. The CPT task is composed of 4 sub-sections. It is recommended that breaks between sub-sections do not exceed 2 minutes.
  4. Once the CPT part of the assessment is complete, an inventory probing into symptoms related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will appear. For children under the age of 14 years, it is recommended that the questionnaire be completed by a parent.

After the Test

Usually the test results appears on the screen within a few seconds, however, depending on the demand on our system, it may take a few minutes to be compiled. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the test results to be compiled and appear on the screen.
Do not close your browser window or tab before the test results is finalized!
If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our support.


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