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New Research Validates ADHD Diagnosis CPT Tool

New research conducted by a team of Israeli researchers, and published on April 18, 2012, validates the use of ADHD Diagnosis Online Test. ADHD Diagnosis Online Continuous Performance Tests (ADHD Diagnosis OCPT) is designed for delivery over the Internet, opening new opportunities for research and clinical application in naturalistic settings. The research designed to assess […]

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Introducing Free ADHD Test via TrialPay

At ADHD Diagnosis, we set out to improve the life of children and adults with ADHD. We always strive to introduce new resources to get closer to our goal. Today we are happy to introduce one of these resources: Free ADHD Test. We realize that many of our users are college students, who do not […]

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Is your ADHD treatment effective?

Well, you have just discovered that you or your child have Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without Hyperactivity (ADD or ADHD). What’s next? If you are like most people, the next logical step is to decide whether or not you wish to start an ADHD treatment, an important decision by itself, and if so what […]

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ADHD Test is now Fully Integrated

We are happy to announce that as of December 21, 2011, the ADHD Diagnosis online test is fully integrated into ADHD Diagnosis web site. To celebrate the launch of the new service we offer our users a special introductory prices. The ADHD Diagnosis online test is a clinically tested, real-time, performance based test. It accurately […]

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Common forms of treatment for ADHD

ADD / ADHD could be difficult condition to deal with, whether the ADHDer is an adult or a child. No matter what the age, some form of treatment for ADHD is usually necessary in order to improve the life quality of the ADHDer and her or his family. ADD treatment can take a few different […]

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New online test helps pre-diagnosing ADD / ADHD

A few month ago I was diagnosed with ADHD or rather ADD. Although I am 46 years old, I went to a pediatrician, since it is hard to find any experts in ADD/ADHD for adults. After an interview and questionnaire, I was asked to do an ADHD test on the computer at the clinic. The […]

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ADD / ADHD Treatment – With or Without Medication?

Treatment for ADHD with or without medication is probably the second greatest debate in regards to ADD / ADHD (Only losing to: “does ADHD really exist?”). As for anything in life there is more than one answer to this question. Taking medication is an option, not a must. There is usually no life threatening situation […]

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Does ADD / ADHD Diagnosis means you have a mental health problem?

We (people with ADHD) are different. There is not doubt about it. We think differently, we act differently. We sometimes cannot stay still, and we might be impulsive. We are not very good in dealing with money, organizing things, and so on. We will never do well as librarians, accountants or secretaries. But none of […]

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ADD Testing – The Positive Side

So you have gone through an ADD testing. You have your ADD diagnosis. Now what? Is that bad? That depends on your attitude, and consequently, on how you are going to deal with it.

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ADD Diagnosis is your rebirth

Your ADD diagnosis (or your child’s, spouse’s, etc) is the most important step in finding your path and opening a new door in your life. In many cases the diagnosis itself is like being reborn, it’s like discovering yourself and really understanding yourself for the first time.

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