New online test helps pre-diagnosing ADD / ADHD

A few month ago I was diagnosed with ADHD or rather ADD. Although I am 46 years old, I went to a pediatrician, since it is hard to find any experts in ADD/ADHD for adults. After an interview and questionnaire, I was asked to do an ADHD test on the computer at the clinic.

The test shows a sequence of of triangles and circles, each at a time. Every time a triangle appears I was told to hit the space bar, but whenever a circle appears I would need to refrain from hitting that key.

Making the story short, after completing the test, which takes approximately 20 minutes, I was shocked to discover that I have missed many of the triangles, which I was supposed to see and hit the space bar. Not that I saw them and forgot what to do. I simply can’t recall seeing them at all. I could swear I had hit the space bar each and every time a triangle shape appeared. I turned to the person who conducted the test, and asked him: “Have you seen those triangles that I missed?”

“Yes, he answered, but you know, I couldn’t tell you.”, he answered.

Not only I was diagnosed with ADD, the test results, also shows that I am quite impulsive, which is a common symptom of ADD / ADHD.

Next stage was to take Ritalin, wait an hour for it to be in full effect, and then take the test again. This time, I have not missed a single triangle.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, other than telling you how amazed I was to realize that I have missed half of my life until now, I wanted to share with you that the ADHD test is now available online for anyone to take. I wish it was free of charge, but it is not. The good news, however, that you don’t need to pay for a visit to the doctor as I did, and you it is quite affordable, only $29.90.

If you suspect that you or your child has ADD or ADHD, this is the first step you can take before going to a physician for a diagnosis, a process which could take weeks to complete and may be quite costly.

The online ADHD test is adequate for any person above 6 years old, and you can take it at the comfort of your home.

Make sure you take it when you are not tired or hungry, it could affect your results.

Take the ADHD test now!

Good luck and let me know what you think about the test.

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