New Research Validates ADHD Diagnosis CPT Tool

ADHD ResearcherNew research conducted by a team of Israeli researchers, and published on April 18, 2012, validates the use of ADHD Diagnosis Online Test. ADHD Diagnosis Online Continuous Performance Tests (ADHD Diagnosis OCPT) is designed for delivery over the Internet, opening new opportunities for research and clinical application in naturalistic settings.

The research designed to assess the reliability and validity of a the ADHD Diagnosis OCPT, included two separate studies.

Study 1

The participants completed the OCPT twice over a 1-week period. One test was taken at home and one in the laboratory. Construct validity was assessed against a gold standard CPT measure. Results indicate acceptable reliability between the home- and laboratory-administered tests. Modest to high correlations were observed between the OCPT scales and the corresponding scales of the gold standard CPT.

Study 2

The study examined whether the OCPT may discriminate participants with ADHD from healthy controls. Results revealed significantly higher rates of omission and commission errors and greater response time variability in participants with ADHD relative to healthy controls.


The results support the reliability and validity of the ADHD Diagnosis OCPT and suggest that it may serve as an effective tool for the assessment of attention function in naturalistic settings.

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