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Ester Ben TolilaAs a school Counselor with fifteen years experience in the public school system, I have often had to work with children who display some signs of attention deficit. In many cases, these signs are ambiguous and do not justify a referral for the full, often costly, evaluation. I have recently discovered an online attention deficit test. I found the ADHD test to be an excellent tool in helping me, and the parents, to quickly check in a professional and discreet manner, whether a child has attention deficit issues. The information provided helps determine whether the child simply needs some help in the school, for example, in providing a distraction-free learning setting, or whether more testing is necessary. I strongly recommend the ADHD online test as an initial tool in any case where there is some concern about attention deficit-related problems.
Ester Ben Tolila
School Counselor

Ronit ViliguraThe ADHD test serves me very well in the coaching process. When I discovered that there were some ADHD symptoms in my clients I recommended taking the ADHD test. It is a professional preliminary assessment, that is made easy and user friendly since it’s over the internet. The results are immediate and come with an easy to understand report. The results helped me to shorten and focus the coaching process in order to achieve goals.
Ronit Viligura, MCI
ADHD coach

Reuven KaraSuperb diagnostic and analysis tool, easy approach, quick and dependable results. I recommend CheckHDHD to students, patients, friends and alike.
Reuven Kara
Senior clinical psycologist


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